Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Book Club

Our book club met today. We finished our second book, One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. It's the first out of the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie is the main character and she is a bounty hunter and works for her cousin, Vinnie. It's set in Trenton, New Jersey and it's a mystery/suspense/comedy/romance. It was good and I've been told by Susan and Wendy that the books get even BETTER.
We met at the Open Door restaurant (behind Target) for lunch. Susan thought since Stephanie Plum's door seems to always be open it would only be appropriate! Good pick, Su!
Susan, Setler, Wendy and Cole (notice the book --our prop) in the background.
Edmond, Me, Susan, Setler chugging down a bottle, Wendy & Cole.

Bye, Bye BUMBO!

So,,,we finally brought the highchair out. It's been long overdue!! Edmond has outgrown the Bumbo, at least for feeding times. He tries to bend over it every which way and chews on the side of it in between bites! UUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH,,,,feeding was becoming exhausting for mommy,,,it was like trying to feed an OCTOPUS! Plus, I couldn't leave him unattended in the Bumbo so preparing his food was challenging as well. He was also wanting to "help" me feed him, which involved slapping the spoon or trying to grab the spoon. We will keep the Bumbo "out" for traveling times only.

The transition to the highchair has been a smooth one so far. It's called a "Space Saver" high chair so he's strapped in similar to a car seat. This boy isn't going anywhere now. I'm able to eat my lunch right along with's amazing! Happy Eating!!


We had a relaxing weekend at home. We really didn't do much; just enjoyed being together! We only have 1 full day at home w/ Robbie and we soak it up as much as we can. Edmond's growing into a little man daily--it's been so fun to be a part of it. We enjoy sharing it with everyone too. :)
Edmond posing w/ his photo album. I cut off some of the picture but as you can see it says: "My First Photos"
Crib toy,,,we've had this out for a while but Edmond's just now getting to where he really likes it, especially the mirror. He discovers himself and gets so tickled .
A little playtime before bedtime!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


While we were in CV at my parents we were introduced to the wonderful world of SKYPE. It's a free web-based program that allows you to talk via web cam. It is so cool!! Since my brother lives in Italy calling is so expensive and this way we can not only talk to him for free but see him as well--gotta love technology.

While mom and I were in Jonesboro we went by Circuit City and picked a camera up for me too, so now I will join the Skyping community. The web cam has a microphone in it as well and it can clip on top of your monitor or sit on a flat surface. I plan to get mine hooked up today or tomorrow so I can SKYPE my bro. It is so neat, especially for people who have relatives or friends that live far off. Okay, now I'm finished w/ my plug! ;) Happy Skyping!!

Look closely and you can see my brother, Jonathan sitting in his apartment in Rome, Italy. Pretty amazing, huh?!!
Mom talking to Jonathan. It's so clear (most of the time) it's like you're sitting across from one another.

Happy Birthday, Jason!

So, Jason's (my brother) birthday was last Friday and we went home to celebrate. My mom cooked a roast meal and quickly discovered she should've cooked more than 1 roast; oh well, she'll know for next time. Edmond got to hang out w/ his cousins, which is always fun!

Edmond and I stayed over for a few days so I could get my hair done, which was in dire need! My hair is starting to grow back from when I lost it after childbirth and I have acquired some horns on either side of my head, YIKES!! Mom and I went to Jonesboro Wed. for my hair appointment and a quick shopping day.

Edmond stayed w/ Memaw Bettie and had a great time. It was nice because he got to spend time w/ her and Mommy got a little break--everyone was happy!! We enjoyed our visit in CV but missed Daddy terribly!
Camden helping Edmond stand at Gran's coffee table.
Cousin Kendall not sure what to do next...

L to R: Jason, Kendall, Camden, Jamie & Corbin Rhodes. Happy Birthday!! Gran made one of Jason's favorites--Strawberry Cake.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Congrats, Grandaddy!!

Grandaddy (my dad) was recently appointed by Gov. Mike Beebe to join ASU's Board of Trustees. My dad has been an avid fan of ASU for as long as I can remember as well as a long-time supporting alum. Sadly, "the Indians" will no longer be as they are changing their mascot. I spent a few years at ASU my self and grew up going to football games--what great memories!!

I can't think of a more deserving candidate than my dad for this honorable position. Way to go, grandaddy!! Check out an article from Arkansas Business regarding the appointment.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Sir Edmond turned 8 months today!! Can't believe it...everyone told me it would fly by but I never really believed them until now. He's changing daily and really becoming a fun little guy.

He's pretty much sitting up on his own (I don't leave the room w/ him sitting up by himself), no crawling but scooting (mostly backwards) and spinning around. He rolls constantly,,,he can roll off his padded pallet and on to the hardwood floor fast!

His daddy walked at 9 months and pretty much skipped the crawling stage so I wonder if Edmond will be the same way. I used to worry that he wasn't crawling or pulling up yet but so many people have reassured me that their kids were late crawlers too...oh well,,,no need to worry unless the doc says so. Edmond seems pretty content to just hang out and not over-exert himself too much--I'm okay with that. His mom is in that same stage too and has been for 8 months!! ;)
We took this birthday shot pretty soon after he woke up this morning...check out the hair!! It was even worse in the back.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book Club

Okay so Susan and I started a "Book Club". We've got to give stay-at-home-moms a reason to eat out and visit with other adults!
Our first book we read was John Grisham's, Playing for Pizza. I thought it was good, not his best but good. I think I enjoyed it more because it's set in Parma, Italy and since ya'll know I have a bro that lives in Italy and my husband and I visited him over a year ago; well you get the point.

I loved how the book talks constantly about Italian food, which I love. So, needless to say my mouth pretty much watered the entire time I read the book. It reminded me of our trip to Italy and I found myself smiling while Grisham described the scenery, language barriers, etc. It was pretty parallel to my experience.

A short summary: An ex-NFL player relocates to the small town of Parma to continue playing "football americano". The novel is a story about his experiences in Parma (food, people, surrounding cities and "football"). I am a Grisham fan so I pretty much have to read anything he writes.
We only have 3 people at the moment but if anyone else wants to join us, feel free. We're starting our next book(s)--Janet Evanovich. Wendy and Susan have read some of hers but this is my first one.

Susan and Setler--Setler is trying to give his opinion on the matter...doesn't that color look gorgeous on Su?
Edmond and I eating pizza and talking about the book...
Susan and Setler Mulhearn, Cole and Wendy Sanders

Ciao, Uncle Jonathan

WE HATE GOOD-BYES!! My husband has coined our family "The Long Good-Bye Family" because it takes us a while to tell each other good-bye. We were dreading seeing Jonathan go back to Rome since he'd been in the States for close to 3 weeks. We only get to see him about twice a year since he lives on another continent! Oh well,,,we had a good visit and Edmond really took to him. We're sure gonna miss him. :(

We dropped Jonathan off in Little Rock Jan. 4 so he could catch his flight early the next morning. He stayed at his friend Shawn's so he'd be closer to the airport. Jay Clark, a friend of the family's that lives in LR, stopped by to see us and meet Edmond for the first time. Good to see you Jay!
Me, Jay Clark and Edmond
Me, Jonathan and Edmond--getting our last hugs and smooches until we see him next time.

Boys, Boys, Boys...

You can bet that there's lots of playing (wrestling) and noise when all of these boys are around. We had a ball!! Edmond loves hanging out at Gran and Grandaddy's with all of his cousins.

Grandaddy, Edmond, Uncle Jonathan, and Cousin Kendall
Cousin Kendall playing but looking awfully suspicious!
Kendall getting Uncle Jonathan.
CHEEEEEEEEEESE! Aren't the toboggans cute!!
Okay, now for the candid to pose however you want. Notice Spider Man replaced Camden and Uncle Jonathan is trying to eat Kendall.

Happy 2008!!

Happy 2008!! We're well into the new year and it's been a busy one so far. We went back to Gran and Grandaddy's to celebrate and squeeze in some more visiting time with Uncle Jonathan before he headed back to Rome.

I didn't make any "official" resolutions (that is out-loud) because every year I do I seem to break them pretty soon after the new year begins. I know what I need to work on, so I'm gonna just try to remember those things and improve. In other words I'm not disclosing this information to the general public.

Many blessings in 2008 to you and your family!

Edmond, Cousin Corbin and Cousin Camden. They spent the night w/ us last night and we played and had a BIG time.
Edmond and Cousin Corbin. Corbin just woke up and I'm giving him a morning hug!
Aunt Dana (Grandaddy's sis) came and visited for the night. Warming up by the fire after bath time. Don't I look cute in my hooded towel?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We celebrated at Gran and Grandaddy's with Uncle Jonathan. Uncle Jonathan and Edmond dressed up for the occasion!! I think Grandaddy was the only one that officially brought in the New Year--the rest of us retired early.