Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Edmond Update...

We had our 15 month checkup today.....the diagnosis was A GROWING BOY!! He had 1 shot and "took it like a MAN". He does worse w/ the weigh-in and the stethoscope than he does w/ the shots. I think he inherited some of the "white-coat syndrome" from his father! The pediatrician recommended purchasing a Fisher Price Doctor Kit to start practicing with at home even though it may not make a difference when we go to the doctor. She reassured us that most children his age "freak out" at the doctor and won't "grow out of it" until around 3 years.

Statistics: Height--33.5 inches/97th percentile; Weight--26.5 lbs/80th percentile; Head Circumference--19

I've tried to warn Robbie that we may need to budget more for groceries than we have been in the past,,,I grew up with 2 brothers and we made many trips to the store!

"It seems like yesterday that I was just born..."

Birthday Celebrations

Robbie and Sarah
Uncle Rustie and Aunt Karla w/ watermelons in the background that were given to us by Bettie's neighbor
The Rhodes boys bringing in Uncle Robbie's present...a mini fridge for his office (the exact one he's been wanting)!
Grandaddy recovering from partying w/ his blankie and bottle
Edmond raiding Gran's pantry...all of the grandkids know right where Gran keeps the snacks. How can he be hungry?

We went home this past weekend to celebrate August birthdays on both sides. Robbie, my dad and Robbie's niece, Sarah. Sat. evening Memaw Bettie hosted the celebration at her house for Robbie and Sarah. She fixed fried chicken (Robbie's favorite) and tons of other Southern fixins'. Aunt Jennifer made a BIG bowl of banana pudding (another one of Robbie's favorites). We had a really good time but nevertheless ate way too much!!

Then on Sunday afternoon my mom hosted the celebration for my dad and Robbie. She had already planned on making fried chicken as well, so we basically had a repeat of Sat's meal even down to banana pudding for dessert. I guess you could sum up our weekend by saying we CLOGGED SOME ARTERIES! ;) It was all worth it. Thanks Memaw Bettie and Gran for the delicious fried chicken.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

I couldn't resist putting this picture up b/c of the "festive" hat! Looks like Robbie's ready to celebrate, doesn't it? Anyway, Happy Birthday, Daddy....we love you and hope you have a good day!

Robbie's birthday has always been easy to remember b/c it was the same day as my Memaw's (my dad's mom)!

Happy Birthday, Susan!

Happy Birthday, Susan!! Hope you have a good day! I just love this picture of you in your blue sweater--so pretty!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand..."

Tues. we met Susan and Setler at Don Owens Complex to walk. We used to meet up more often esp when the boys were younger and sleeping more often. They didn't sleep this go-round but they were awfully fond of each other. They started holding hands on their own....isn't it sweet? They're the BESTEST of BUDS!!

They just wanted to be close to one another, which created quite a challenge for the drivers of the strollers!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Check out that perfect form! His daddy would be proud.
Getting ready to take the shot...eyes on target!
baby in the balls...
here Dad,,,you're supposed to put the balls out of the ball pit!
Edmond and Robbie playing

My oldest nephew, Corbin, stayed with us last week to attend basketball camp at Hendrix College. His last night here we went to PlayWorld so he and Edmond could let loose. This was Edmond's first trip there and needless to say he enjoyed himself. We were practically the only ones there, which was nice.

Corbin went through the maze several times and played games while Edmond spent the majority of his time throwing balls out of the ball pit and wandering around. Robbie took the day off, so we got to spend some quality family time together!

We really enjoyed having Corbin down--he's such a great helper, esp w/ Edmond. Edmond loved having him here too!

Happy Birthday, Grandaddy!

Happy Birthday to my daddy today! This pic was taken this past weekend while in CV at my parents'. Gran and Grandaddy took Edmond on a golf cart ride down to Raccoon Springs.
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