Sunday, July 27, 2008

Safety Town

This past week I volunteered as a teacher with a program called Safety Town. The program is organized by the Junior Auxiliary of Conway and funded by Conway Regional. Safety Town is offered to local children who will start kindergarten in the fall. Throughout the week the children are taught various safety rules such as dialing "911", fire safety, stranger danger, ambulance and police safety, seat belt safety, etc. We also worked with the kids frequently to learn their phone numbers and addresses in case of any emergency. Our class was known as the Yellow Ducks. The kids were great and very eager to learn! Although I had a great time getting out of the house and being around other adults, one thing is for sure......I have no desire to be a kindergarten teacher! ;)

Edmond stayed down the hall in the "Tiny Tots" class. He did a lot better than I expected and I was able to check on him periodically. This will hopefully help prepare him for Mother's Day Out.

Check out the article that was in the Log Cabin Democrat regarding this wonderful program!

Happy Birthday, Gran!!

Happy Birthday, Gran!! We just returned from celebrating my mom's birthday this past weekend at my parents'. Her actual birthday was on Tues. We had a good time grillin' and hanging out with everyone and I hate to admit this but I didn't take 1 picture of the festivities. YIKES!! This picture was taken almost 2 months ago.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Giggle Box

Edmond was so tickled this particular morning and I can't remember why. He was showing his full "grill"! Sometimes he just cracks up over the funniest things. Sure is good to hear that sweet laugh! Sure does make mommy and daddy HAPPY!!

Where's Edmond?

Can you find Edmond? Look closely... I took this the other morning after he had gotten up. He loves to look out the window! He goes back and forth from the back door window to the living room. He beats on the glass too; love those tiny, wet hand prints!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pool Party

These are pictures that were taken when we were at my parents a couple of weekends ago. This little pool was given to Edmond by Landon B. for his birthday (thanks Landon!) and I thought we'd take it to Gran and Grandaddy's so the "little" boys could play in it. Needless to say, they LOVED it!! I too loved it to cool off my feet for a bit! ;) I also took a Beach Ball Sprinkler for the bigger boys to play in. It's a little big for the younguns right now. It's a lot cooler than the old school sprinklers we used to play in as kids.

Kendall is wondering why Aunt Rachel's feet are in the pool...
" I said, NO PAPARAZZI!!" "Can't a fella go for a dip in the pool w/out cameras following him around?"
"What,... I'm just gonna help my cous get into the pool....???"

"Nah, I wouldn't dare dump this cup of water on Cousin Edmond's head..."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Cousin Heather and Kelly came to visit over the Fourth and brought their guitar along. Boo loves music!! He had a front row seat. He was mesmerized. They even let him hold the pic and strum a few notes. We may have a future musician on our hands.

Heather and Kelly play in a band called "Social Remedy" out of Memphis. They're good!! It's the 2 of them plus another girl. I'm trying to recruit them to play in Central AR at some point. Check out their myspace page

Thanks Heather and Kelly for the "Unplugged" concert!

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Belated Fourth! We had a good time despite a few showers. We spent the weekend in CV with our family. Robbie and I went to Corning (my dad's hometown) with my parents for a BBQ while Memaw Bettie kept Edmond. Then we grilled out at my parents' that evening.

Robbie showing our patriotism w/ our red, white and blue!
check out the shirt....I think he was in the middle of "itching" his nose when I busted him with the camera.
looking for deer or golfers or anything...


Boo loves brushing his teeth even though he only has 4 of them! Okay, so maybe he sucks/chews on the toothbrush most of the time. We try to brush them after bath time right before bed time.

Water Baby

We joined some friends a couple of weeks ago at the Conway Country Club for a swim. Edmond loved it!! He didn't mind the chilly water at all! He even walked the width of the pool! We had a great time!!