Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Little Helper

I bought this mop (specifically for the tubs) and bucket the other day so I may not have to strain so much when I clean the tubs; I know pitiful isn't it?! Well,,,this morning after Edmond ate his oatmeal and applesauce he decided to help mommy out....I guess his breakfast gave him a burst of energy! Wish I was that eager to clean!!

"Whistle While You Work...."
I don't know where he learned how to hold a mop but not bad for the first time! I hope he's always this eager to help me...I may have to use these pictures for blackmail later on when he's not so eager to help out around the house.

Setler's Birthday Party

I just love this picture,,Su took it. Setler got this from Su's parents for his birthday. I think Setler is asking Edmond if he wants to ride...or Edmond's commenting on how cool his new ride is! Chase, Setler's cousin is walking behind the boys.
Me & Edmond...I didn't participate in the hat-wearing, although I love to wear a hat (ball cap). I have a headband on, does that count? ;)
Susan and Setler,,,doesn't Su look cute in her hat and dress? People kept saying she looked like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" when she's at the horse races in her straw hat!
We went to Setler's First Birthday party this past Sat. at the Mulhearn Ranch. It is so nice out there--lots of land and pretty scenery. The theme of the party was "Hats" so we donned our Braves ball cap (Robbie is an avid Braves fan, Aunt Karla and Uncle Rustie gave E the hat for his birthday--thanks guys!!) We had such a good time!! Edmond loved being able to roam around outside w/ his best bud!! Thanks for having us out!!

Happy Birthday, Best Buddy!!

Edmond wanted to tell his best bud Happy 1 Year Birthday!! This pic was from his party we went to Sat. Happy First Birthday, Setler!!

Set is climbing onto the picnic table while Edmond is scowling in the background!!
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Margaritas, Por Favor!

L to R: Keitha, Amanda & Shannon

L to R: Me, Susan & Carrie

Shannon hosted Ladies Night at El Chico last night for margaritas and Mexican food! It was so much fun even though the waiter spilled water all over Shannon's left side...she was a good sport about it! We figured it was because he was distracted by all of us women!! ;) Good food, drinks, and conversation. Stay tuned to next month; it's my month to plan!


Miss Haley gave him the "hair duster offer" (don't know what it's called) to occupy him.

I wasn't able to get an AFTER shot b/c my batteries were depleted on my camera!

His BEFORE shot....doesn't Robbie look good in his yellow cape?? He had his hair cut right before Edmond.

Bye, Bye Comb-Over!! Edmond got a BIG BOY haircut today!! He did wonderful. We didn't go too drastic. We're still holding on to those curls but we did manage to shape up his comb-over quite a bit. Miss Haley did a great job and I think Edmond was too busy flirting to worry about what she was doing with the scissors.

We also went for his 1 year checkup where he got 4 SHOTS! YIKES!! We're used to four shots but usually they are mixed so he only gets stuck twice. These vaccines couldn't be mixed so,,,...he got four sticks! He only cried for a sec and then was back to his normal self.

STATS: 23 lbs.=55%
31 in. =85%
18.5 cm.=70% (head circumference)

He's growing daily and really developing quite a personality. He's getting to be a B-I-G boy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Edmond's FIRST Birthday

I know I'm a little behind but I just got Edmond's pictures from his birthday party compiled. We birthdayed for over a week. The first set is from his actual birthday party and then Robbie's family had a little get-together at Memaw Bettie's house on Mother's Day and finally a few from his ACTUAL birthday. We were leaving CV to head back to Conway that day. I'm sure none of this makes sense to most of you but just thought I'd explain. We had a grand time and I think Edmond enjoyed all of the attention (esp. since he NEVER gets any)!! ;) Thanks to everyone!! Enjoy the photo show below. Also, to all of you who told me the FIRST year flies by....well,,,YOU WERE RIGHT!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

TOADally Awesome!

Toad Suck Daze 2008

Our fam at Toad Suck Daze. I was determined to take Edmond at least to make a lap and show that we made an effort and that's just what we did....we made one lap while sucking down some lemonade and then ended at Mike's Place for a late lunch! The Mike's Place was a bribe so that Robbie would go!! LOL!!
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Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!

One Year Ago A Star Was Born...Our little Edmond is 1 year old today! Boy, how time flies!! We can't remember what our lives were like much before this little rascal came along; maybe it's from the sleep deprivation or just because we love him so much!! We love being parents and are so blessed! We love this little man so so much! Happy Birthday, Boo Boo!! Love, Mommy & Daddy
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloggin' Break

You may be wondering why I haven't posted anything in almost 2 weeks...well--I am at my parents' and forgot my camera cord. I have plenty of pictures to share from Toadsuck, Edmond's First Birthday Party, Kendall's Baby Dedication and more. It has been a busy 2 weeks and I look forward to sharing with everyone what we've been doing. Edmond will turn 1 year old this Friday!! Be patient with me...I will do my best to catch up this weekend with more pictures and posts.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy Body

Edmond will be 1 year old in 2 weeks and he's finally decided to crawl! We just figured he'd skip this milestone and go straight to walking but he fooled us. Sometimes his left knee gets in the way but for the most part he's doing great. Maybe he hasn't crawled much since the majority of our house is tile and wood floors. That would be reason enough for me. Guess I should've bought him some knee pads. :)
Playtime w/ daddy
Full-fledged crawl!
Got to get some push-ups in while I'm at it!
BUSTED...notice what he's looking at...Victoria's Secret magazine
Sorry for the blurriness...finally figured out there were smudge prints on the lens.

Wedding Bells and Worry Warts

Edmond after the fever virus...he's feeling so much better and he's back to being up to NO GOOD!
After the wedding Edmond and I headed back to CV w/ Katie and mom to stay for a few days. Mom said Edmond wasn't acting himself why we were at the wedding, she thought he felt a little warm--foreshadowing for the fever virus that we dealt with for the next couple of days. It was awful! Edmond's never had a fever to speak of so I was a little concerned/Worried, especially when it was 103.4 when we arrived in CV Sat. night. We began alternating Motrin and Tylenol and that helped immediately. The highest it got was 104.1 but he never had vomiting or diarrhea or fussiness; he was just lethargic. I felt so bad for him but he was such a trooper. We continued with the meds and his last fever was Monday early morning. He still ate and drank like he always does and he even played. We could tell when his fever started back up because he would crawl over to me or mom and want to be held. Poor little fella!

Mom and I went to Jonesboro Tues. to get our hair done and shop while Memaw Bettie kept Edmond. We had a great time and we both needed the break!

We wanted mom to get a picture of us dressed up when we returned and Edmond wanted in the picture too! Check out my roots! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katie posing by a statue in one of the beautiful gardens...look how much taller that statue is than her...sorry girl! (Katie always comments about how SHORT she is)
The hitched couple "hitching" a ride in the carriage
Joni and her father walking down the aisle--a horse drawn carriage dropped them off before they began their walk....the perfect fairy-tale wedding! Her dress was gorgeous!

My mom and best friend, Katie came down last Sat. and Katie and I went to a high school friend's (Joni) wedding in Scott at the Marlsgate Plantation Home. I've always wanted to go there because I've heard how pretty it is..., which it is. The house was beautiful with a lot of antiques and perfectly manicured gardens. As you can see the weather was absolutely perfect as were the surroundings for an outside wedding. It was a nice outing and Katie and I had a good time (somewhat adventurous on the way there)--long story!! ;) Good to see Joni and meet her new husband, John. Congrats you two!!