Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Christmas

Christmas wasn't actually too fun for little man this year. He didn't feel well at all and developed a fever after all of the festivities on Christmas Eve Eve. I don't have any pictures from Christmas morning because he and Robbie were in the bed sleeping. I had to open all of his presents--BUMMER!! :( Maybe next year will be better.

Edmond, opening his stocking (we actually did this before we went to my parents'). He got a book, cell phone, and "Leap Frog" rattle thingy.

We got back in Conway Christmas Day night and opened our you can see Edmond is feeling much better but he's still not a 100% at this point--the worst was yet to come!
He's trying out his drum that lights up with numbers and the alphabet.
Posing with daddy. One of these days I'll catch Robbie looking at the camera!
Edmond is exhausted from all of the excitement...can you tell? This is continued from Uncle Ronnie's on Christmas Eve Eve. Thanks for all of my presents everyone!!

Christmas 2007

Whew!, what a busy few weeks...Edmond and I headed to Little Rock Dec. 18 to pick up Uncle Jonathan and head north. Once we arrived in Cherokee Village (hometown) we began preparing for the Rhodes Old Fashioned Christmas that went from Thurs.-Sunday.

When my brothers and I were younger we would get together with all of my dad's family around Christmas and hunt a real Christmas tree, cut it down and decorate it with homemade ornaments. This was coined "Rhodes Old Fashioned Christmas". I know some of you may be picturing The Griswald Family; close but not quite. I am proud to say we don't have a "Cousin Eddie"! in our family, yet!

There were over 50 Rhodes', which included previous Rhodes' and spouses/children/significant others. What a fun time!! We ate and visited and tooks lots of pictures, we also did Dirty Santa between the adults and the was really good to see everyone and introduce Edmond to his extended family. I have so many more pictures but they're on my parents' camera--will have to steal them later.

Dirty Santa Gift exchange between the oldest nephew, Corbin has the blue shirt w/ the white number on back.

Happy 84th Birthday, Mammaw!!

Mammaw's (my mom's mom) birthday is on Dec. 23 and we always make a big deal about it even though it's 2 days from Christmas. We went to the nursing home and had cake and watched her open presents.

Mammaw, Uncle Frank and Brenda (my mom) escort her in to her party!
Cheeeeese...I had to post this even though Robbie was looking at Edmond. Still celebrating Mammaw's birthday.

Later that afternoon we went to Robbie's youngest bro's house to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve with the Joneses. Memaw Bettie (Robbie's mom) had a photographer to come out and take a family picture of everyone. We ate a yummy dinner and then opened presents after our photo opt.
Cousin Maggie, Uncle Rustie and Edmond take a break from photos to pose for an amateur photographer. Isn't Maggie's dress too cute??!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My First Christmas Tree

Posing for mom in front of my first Christmas tree. It's not a real one but it's all the same to me. I love the lights and all of the sparkly ornaments.
I've just gotta touch one of those lights; can't help myself....
Are we done mom? I'm ready to get down.

Edmond's not made too big a deal over the Christmas tree, decor, presents, etc. I guess next year will be a little different. He's in the "I'm amazed, can't stop staring" phase. We get up every morning and plug the Christmas tree lights in and frequently listen to Christmas music throughout the day. We're excited to continue our holiday traditions with all of our family as well as begin new traditions with Edmond.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Found my thumb

Robbie was rocking him for a nap one Sunday afternoon and he apparently fell asleep with his thumb in his mouth. His mother was also a thumb-sucker. In this case his paci must've been out of reach!


We started Edmond on solids a few weeks ago since he turned 6 months and he LOVES all of it so far. We began with green beans and have graduated to our first fruit, pears.

I feel better now that he can eat "real" foods because he doesn't stare at us as much with the pitiful puppy-dog eyes when we're eating our meals. I think he's not gonna have a problem with eating...he becomes very upset when you tell him "that's all--all gone"--as you can tell by the pictures.

Not sure about the green beans

He can't believe we're finished already,,,this is how he looks after 1 whole container of food.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

"All I Want For Christmas..."

My daddy, my hero,,,he saved me from all of the excitement and strange-looking people.

We had a family outing and went to see Santa Saturday night. Edmond wasn't too sure about the whole thing,,,I think he was a little overwhelmed honestly. He was speechless...

There's so many people telling me to smile,,,I don't know what to do; and half of them are dressed like ELVES for goodness sake!

What do you mean what do I want for Christmas..?? I can't even talk, man!

Let me get a real good look at you...

I don't know about this.....H-E-L-P!!!!!