Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Christmas

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"
It was a tradition on Christmas Eve that my dad would read this book to us kids. We started our own tradition this year with Edmond; he really enjoyed the story! Here's to more family traditions!!
Uncle Jonathan w/ The Boys

The Rhodes Family

Merry Christmas--2009

The Jones Family
Gran and Grandaddy w/ Grandsons

Robbie and Edmond

"The Boys"

Christmas Cocktails

Mom, me and Dad in front of the spread

Mom and Dad had a few friends over before Christmas to share some spirits and snacks. They wanted to see Jonathan too, since he lives overseas. We had a good time visiting and of course, eating! That's what I enjoy most about Christmas; being together with close friends and family!!

Happy Birthday, Mammaw!!

We went to the nursing home, Dec. 23 to celebrate Mammaw's 86th birthday w/ her. We had a good time visiting, eating cake and opening presents. She was in good spirits and was quite fond of her birthday cupcake. Happy Birthday, Mammaw! We love you!!

Structural Damage!

Uncle Jonathan and Camden had issues with the Gingerbread House! We helped with the decorations but had trouble completing the project because of a roof collapse! It was fun; the first Gingerbread House Edmond and I helped build. Oh well,,,,there's always next year.