Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Little (Outstanding) "MAN"

Robbie and I think E looks so grown up in this picture. He really looks like a little man in this outfit. It's so funny!! This was taken at Hendrix College a few weekends ago. We all went down to honor my bro, Jonathan. He was nominated Outstanding Student Alumnus for 2009!! More pics to follow from that weekend....we are so proud of him and were glad we could share this "Outstanding" accomplishment with him. Edmond won the "Outstanding Argyle Sweater Vest" award!! Way to go, son!! ;)
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Future Car Enthusiast

As you can see Edmond is just like his daddy!! He LOVES cars, especially blue convertibles (who doesn't)!! We are fortunate to be able to visit Daddy on a daily basis since he works in the same town as we live. This particular day we decided to "get out" and go inside the dealership and what do you know....there was a Blue S2000 on the showroom floor. By the picture you can guess what happened next. Now every time we pull up to Daddy's work Edmond says, "Boo car, get out!" All I can say is, I've got my work cut out for me!!
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Record

For those of you that know me well you know I rarely wear my hair down or at least for a long period of time. My dad used to ask why I spent so much time on my hair if all I was gonna do was put it back in a ponytail. I don't know if I really had an answer for this question or if I ever will. I do in fact know that I can go a long period of time with my hair down. Case in point: I just got my hair cut/highlighted on Wednesday so I was feeling pretty cocky. Thursday, my mom and I went to Conway to finish some business and I went over 12 hours without putting my hair back for a single second (sunglasses on top of the head doesn't count)! I have to admit that this major accomplishment didn't occur on purpose....I looked for a ponytail holder more than once throughout the day and much to my chagrin I came up empty handed!! Oh well,,,,it's nice to know I can weather through such a challenging fete! ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Many people have asked if I've left the blogging world...the answer is "no". I've just taken a break for a couple of reasons; I can't find the battery to charge my dead camera and we're still settling in our new home in Jonesboro. I hope to post some pics soon because we've been doing other things besides settling in.

We miss Conway and all of our friends but the transition has gone quite well. Robbie has been swamped at Honda of Jonesboro (thanks to all you people that are buying from us, esp from Faulkner County)!! Edmond has enjoyed the new house and now says "haus" every time we're driving towards it. I was afraid he was going to be quite confused since we lived w/ my parents until we moved here. He's been a trooper. Our families have been more than helpful with our move as well and without them we couldn't have gotten through it.

Stay tuned because I plan to get back on track very soon!!