Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hung on HATS

Edmond loves to put on hats, especially someone else's. He always gets into Grandaddy's hats when we go home and has started putting on mine and Robbie's. I think he looks so old in this picture! He's growing fast and really developing a personality of his own.

Notice this hat doesn't lack too much from fitting him. This boy has a big head; or maybe his momma has a small one!
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Halloween 2008

I said the day before Halloween that "it always rains on Halloween" but I thought this year was going to be the first one that it didn't rain......and what do you know it started right before we left our house. Oh well,,,that didn't slow us down (this was disappointing to Robbie)!! We met The Bakers' at Best Buy parking lot for Trunk or Treat, which was perfect for Edmond to run around and expend some energy. He really didn't trunk or treat much but he sure enjoyed seeing all of the people and running around!

After we left Trunk or Treat we headed to The Ryan Home to visit and let the kiddos play. Needless to say Edmond fell asleep on the way over there but soon woke up when we changed him out of his wet costume into some borrowed dried clothes from Noah (thanks so much)!! We had a great time and I think Edmond did too,,,at least we made an effort to participate in the festivities.

We borrowed this fabulous costume from Landon and I had been calling it a Dragon the whole time until Robbie pointed out that people had commented what a cute little Dinosaur we had. So, I decided to settle on DRAGOSAUR!! ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Carnival Ride

Carnival Ride is the name of Carrie Underwood's tour.

Did I mention one reason I went home for a visit was to go to the Carrie Underwood/Little Big Town concert? Well,,,as you can see I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Underwood. I know the picture isn't very clear but I forgot my camera (I know you're not shocked) so we had to use my dad's Iphone and I don't think the woman taking the picture really knew what she was doing! Anyway,,,she's just as cute in person but she was really quiet. My mom and bro wondered if it was because she was "trying to save her voice" since it was before the concert. I guess I was expecting a backstage experience like you see in the movies; me and Carrie "chillin out, talkin, singing a few lines..." yeah right! I was disappointed she didn't comment on my cowgirl boots; maybe she was envious! ;) Oh well, it was still cool. She signed my ticket stub too.

**Phillip Sweet who's in Little Big Town is from Cherokee Village and graduated w/ my older bro, Jason. It was so cool to see him perform and make it big! We were hoping we could see him but their band didn't hang around to meet folks.

Busy Boys

Last weekend Edmond and I went home for a visit. We had a BUSY weekend! We went to Corbin's 6th grade football game on Saturday. They had a wonderful park where the game was held, so that's where I spent the majority of my time watching the little boys. Corbin's team won!! I can't supply any more details since I was on the playground.
Kendall & Edmond swinging...we thought Kendall was gonna swing himself to sleep at one point.

My mom spotted this sweet shot so I had to share it. Grandaddy with his 2 youngest grandsons...never mind the fact that it's a behind shot; it's still sweet. Kendall and Edmond are crazy about their Grandaddy; Kendall is even saying "grandaddy"!

The results of playing hard! Need I say more?

Golf cart ridin'

This has become a tradition for the youngest grandkids and my parents; to ride on the golf cart. The little boys absolutely love it and to tell you the truth I think it thrills Gran & Grandaddy too! They just cruise up and down the golf course and Edmond and Kendall are as happy as can be. Grandaddy even let's them "drive" from time to time. I told my mom and dad they've created a monster w/ Edmond and the golf cart b/c every time we pull up to the garage Edmond points to the golf cart and starts making a VROOM VROOM sound. ;)
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Belated Birthday Blog

Hopefully Kendall will forgive me for being so late to wish him Happy 2nd Birthday via blog! We were there in person to help him celebrate, so maybe that will get us off the hook. He had a brownie/ding dong cake. It was delicious!! He and Edmond have become big buds since they're only 8 months apart! Happy Birthday to my youngest nephew, Kendall!

**Look to the right of the picture at Camden's face---we were in the middle of the "Happy Birthday" song...we really get into the music at our house!
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Silly Scarecrow

Okay, so I know I've been way behind on blogging.....I'M BACK!! This picture was taken at my parent's home a few weeks ago (maybe longer). We'd just returned from church and thought Edmond should get his picture taken beside the Scarecrow, which I'm proud to say Edmond IS NOT SCARED OF!! He's pretty proud of himself, can't you tell??
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