Monday, November 26, 2007

Busy,busy, busy...

Happy Thanksgiving!! We hosted our 3rd annual Thanksgiving dinner. There were Joneses everywhere!!! We had a great time; good food, fellowship and family. The Rhodes Family skipped on coming down this year since my parents just moved into their new house. So, Edmond and I headed home after hosting the Joneses to help Gran (my mom) decorate for Christmas. We are so thankful for family!!
Check out that BIRD!! Robbie swears it's the largest turkey he's ever smoked...sure is a bute! And boy was it juicy!! yum, yum---We "gobbled till we wobbled!"

Thanks to Fred and Margaret Williams (Aunt Karla's ma and pa) for the beautiful rocking chair. It was previously enjoyed by my cousins in this photo; Mason and Maggie. I'm trying out rocking on my own,,,not too bad for my first go-round.
Hold on guys....

Laney, Baby Cole and Robin Boyer...Robin and I were inseparable in highschool (boy, do we have lots of stories; some not suitable for children!! ;0) I helped w/ her baby shower a couple of weeks ago,,it was so good to see her and sweet Cole...we are so happy for you and your family, Robin!!

I was in charge of getting the cake. I got it from Ed's here in Conway (didn't they do a great job!!),,,love that place. I have to say it was yummy too!!

I'm 6 months old today! November 16.....aren't I B-I-G!!

It has been crazy since I last posted anything,,,it seems like we've been running non-stop! I'm sure no one else is familiar w/! We are trying to get ready for Christmas and fight runny noses, teething and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Can't wait to get together w/ all of the fam...are looking so forward to Uncle Jonathan (lives in Rome, Italy) finally meeting Edmond!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Growing Boy

Daddy's Buddy
Robbie and Edmond were hanging out and mommy couldn't resist this cute shot! It's been a crazy, busy past few weeks. Trying to prepare for the upcoming holidays and keep up with this growin' rascal!! ;]
I know I've been slacking as a blogger....I can't promise I'll improve much over the next couple of months during the holiday rush but I'll do my best.
His mischievious face...

His angelic face...
This boy has NO hope,,,he's gonna be a techy GEEK like his daddy!! He's playin' with Robbie's cell phone. He kept launching the browser, which can get quite costly--what a smart boy!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! My first Halloween...I'm so excited! I hope I get LOTS of candy tonight.....

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Baby Bear

As you can see I was a BEAR. My outfit was a little big (thanks Aunt Jamie and cousin Kendall) but I managed to cooperate so mom and dad could get some photos. I'm not really sure what all the fuss is about. I'm holding my punkin I picked out at the pumpkin patch.

This was the extent of our Halloween festivities. I did help mom hand out some candy to trick or treaters and wasn't at all afraid at the creative costumes.
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