Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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We went for Edmond's 9 month checkup yesterday; the only one that he didn't have to get shots! He did well,,,was a lot more "talkative" and outgoing @ this one. He's up to 19lbs, 12ozs,,,,gained almost 2 lbs since Jan.! Won't have to go back for another 3 months...yea!!
As you can see below he was tuckered out by the time we got home....
"Doctors wear me out..."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playdates Galore!

Yesterday Ashley came by for a visit. She hasn't seen Edmond since he was teeny tiny and I think she was pretty amazed at how much he'd grown. We worked together at Quality Cleaners while in college. I'm staying on she and her husband to get going and have them a little one...we'll see...maybe one day soon. Come back and see us Ash!
Ashley and Edmond...he had just woke up from his nap--notice the rosy cheeks!
Don't you just wanna squeeze those cheeks?? Looks like his daddy doesn't he?
Another picture, mom..??
Raegen and Edmond "having a ball"!!
On Friday Robin (we were both PR majors at UCA) and her son, Raegen (who just turned 1 last week) came over so the boys could meet and play. They were so cute together and they're almost exactly 3 months apart. Raegen is crawling and pulling up and as you all know my son isn't really doing either so he was very impressed with his new buddy's skills. Robin and I got to visit and compare notes as stay-at-home was a good day! Hope to see ya again Robin and Raegen!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Club

Our Book Club met yesterday to discuss our 3rd book, Two For the Dough, the second of the Stephanie Plum series. It was even better than the first! We met at Holly's since Stephanie's mom is always cooking huge homemade was a good choice especially since the weather was so dreary!

We're taking a break from the "Plum" series and beginning Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. It's a LONG one but looking forward to changing it up a bit. We'll have to re-visit Ms. Plum since I'm becoming addicted to the characters and interesting plots. Bye for now...

Little Rock Lunch

Honda Pilot--1, Orange Cone--0

OOOPSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cone was in the middle of my lane and I couldn't swerve to miss it so I had no choice but to run over it, which meant dragging it for a few feet and then leaving it behind in front of a store in The Heights! My mom convinced me to get out and take a picture....just want you folks to know what happens when "things" get in the way of my HONDA!
Okay so Christi and Jamie convinced me to give Edmond his first cracker so he could "gum" it,,,he loved them!! I'm going to buy some Biter Biscuits for him even though I know what a mess they make. I'm so behind on the feeding...have I mentioned that I'm a little apprehensive with change??!!
Me, Christi, Jamie, Brenda (my mom) & Edmond at US Pizza. (We missed you Shannon)!!

My parents were in Little Rock Monday b/c my dad had meetings on Tues. so Edmond and I met Gran to shop and hang out. We then met up at US Pizza off Kavenaugh for a late lunch...I love that place!! We had a fun time out of the house and hangin' with Gran!! We strolled through The Heights while mom shopped for artwork. Edmond was a trooper and enjoyed being pushed around in his stroller and watching all of the sights.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shower Saturday

Yesterday we were busy with showers, Baby and Bridal. I guess the weather figured it should match the theme with all of the cold rainy showers we had. First, I helped host a baby shower for Christi Baker to welcome Baby Brendan due in mid-March. Then we dropped by Mike's Place for a Bridal Shower honoring Amy Wallace (we were in the PR program together at UCA), she's getting married in mid-March too!! Congrats to both of you ladies and we enjoyed hanging out with the 2 of you and celebrating. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Amy's shower b/c we just dropped her gift off and said hello.

Edmond's showered out already and we still have one more to go...he was such a trooper through the whole thing, barely a peep...maybe he was just overwhelmed with all of the women! Needless to say I don't think he'll lack any attention any time soon. :)

Hostesses with the guest of honor: Me, Christi, Shannon, Jamie, Yanci & Joyce

The guest of honor, Christi--isn't she GLOWING!!! Can't wait to meet Baby Brendan!!

Movin' On Up...

Congratulations Daddy!! Robbie was just promoted as General Manager of Riverside Acura Suburu in Little Rock. Way to go!! They are located off Chenal Parkway Boulevard. We are so proud of him and know he will do a great job. So,,,,,,all of you Honda drivers need to consider an upgrade to an Acura! Hey,,,,at least he's keeping it in the family.

What are we gonna do with all of our Honda gear? We're still Honda lovers and I'm gonna continue to drive them. Go by and visit Robbie if you're out that way or if you're in the mood for a new ride!

Who wouldn't buy a car from this HANDSOME man??

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Will you be MY VALENTINE?

Happy Valentine's Day!! Memaw Bettie and Edmond are festive in their red in observance of V-Day. We headed back to CV to take Memaw home and spend the night w/ Gran and Grandaddy. We enjoyed having Memaw with us for a few days. Edmond had her "walking" all over the house. Robbie and I said she'd have to go back home to rest!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Edmond is working on his first tooth. It's just a bud right now but I discovered it while in Branson one morning feeding him some biscuit. It sure is a sharp little thing. I'll keep you posted on the progress. He may just beat his daddy's record and get a tooth before or by his first birthday! Robbie didn't have a tooth until after his first birthday!!

More Big Cedar

This is the life....Calgon,,take me away!!!!!
Bathtime with daddy!! Edmond's first Jacuzzi you can see Robbie went kinda overboard with the bubbles. He liked it once we turned the jets off because it was so noisy. I don't know how much scrubbing went on but it was sure nice to soak for a while.
Memaw Bettie went with us to "babysit" so Robbie and I could have some alone time. We went for a walk and shopped in Branson. Thanks Memaw! Edmond is "eating" her face in this picture, I mean giving her sugars!! :)
Playing with daddy on the floor in front of the fireplace! My first mini-vacation to Big Cedar..I had a blast!! Can't wait to go back!

Big Cedar Lodge

Our first family mini-vacation! Posing in front of our was so cold!!
I felt so sorry for these poor ducks until Robbie reminded me that their feathers keep them very warm,,,they're looking for food and putting on a show for us.
We're driving around admiring the scenery...this is one of the lodges that has individual rooms and suites. Notice the fish sign!
Our cabin at Big Cedar. It has 2 rooms (a King and Queen), fireplace, kitchen and living room area! So nice to get away and "rough it" (at least this is my idea of "roughing it")!!

Last weekend we took a couple of days and headed to Branson for a mini-vacation. We love Big Cedar Lodge in the winter months because of it's outdoorsy feel. We've been coming here for 6 years and hope to continue the tradition especially since our family is growing. We've stayed in the lodges, Governor's Suite (that was a Blast) and cabins (both family and individual). We enjoy the cabins more than anything since they're private and have their own kitchen and living room. We also enjoy using the fireplace! I've never been snow skiing but I picture it to kinda be like this minus the slopes and tons of snow! Maybe one day we'll try that but for now I prefer to go to Big Cedar.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby in a Basket

Okay, so Edmond has been really into exploring lately and for some reason he loves closets, especially his. He likes to take everything out of his laundry basket and check it out. Robbie was watching him and said he fell in there and then he sat him up--he didn't seem to mind at all.

He's having a BIG time....I've been needing to do some Spring Cleaning, guess now's a good time as any.
"I'll let you know when I find what I'm looking for..."

Hey, Baby

Edmond and Kendall (my brother's youngest son) are only 8 months apart. Kendall is walking all over the place and Edmond is watching on the sidelines with envy.....these 2 will be unstoppable and definite HEARTBREAKERS one day. Watch out ladies!

what was that Gran? He's really listening intently...
look at those baby blues,,,aren't they gorgeous!
I'm just a cool dude in a loose mood!

Having a SUPER Time!

We celebrated Super Bowl Sunday at Gran and Grandaddy's with my bro and his family. Mom made all the football fixins', which included chili and cheese dip. We had a good time hanging out, eating and watching the game.
Edmond trying to walk w/ daddy and Camden.
Camden, showing his "tough guy" side.
Kendall is speechless, but he sure is LOVABLE!
Robbie and Edmond getting ready to watch the game and waiting for the arrival of the cousins.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Memaw & Aunt Jennifer!!

We met Robbie's family in Batesville at Colton's this past weekend and celebrated Bettie and Jennifer's birthdays. Of course Edmond has to get his picture with the stars of the party. Isn't he a handsome little man?!! All smiles!
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