Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Boys

I thought this was a good picture to share with everyone. It was taken at my parents' during a family birthday party. Edmond is crazy about his Daddy and Robbie is crazy about his Baby Boy!! It's so sweet and they are already BEST BUDS!! I am so proud of MY BOYS!
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Way to go, Corbin!! He placed 2nd in the Elks Hoop Shoot (held in our hometown) a couple of weeks ago. He previously won out of ALL the 6th and 7th graders from his school to compete in the District Shoot-Out. We went and watched him and he did a fantastic job! He made 18/25 free-throws and he was the only 12 year old out of all the male participants. He is an alternate for the State competition. We are so proud of you!! Keep up the hard work!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pizza & Playtime

Monday, we went to Susan and Setler's to hang out and play. We decided to go to Razorback Pizza in Maumelle for lunch. It was a great idea because the boys could run around in the arcade part and not disturb anyone else and Su and I got to eat our lunch in relative peace. The boys had a BALL!
Edmond trying the car game even though his legs aren't long enough.
The boys didn't even realize the games weren't going w/out won't be long before they figure that one out.

Setler's really concentrating. He knew just what to do w/out any instruction.

Cool, a 2-seater!! It looks like Setler's telling Edmond to "hang on, man!"

Future air hockey champions. Again, they're satisfied to play w/out a puck.
What a fun day! Thanks Susan and Setler for letting us hang out w/ ya'll.

Jammin with Jelly

Edmond's become quite fond of jelly lately when he has biscuits. We don't have biscuits often but when we do I bring the jelly out at least for a funny picture.

*Also note the "bed-head"; it looks pretty tame compared to some mornings!

Read Between The Lines

Edmond loves to "read" or at least act like he is. I am an avid reader and Robbie thinks he's picked up the habit watching me. My mom was sitting in the recliner behind him reading and he took it upon himself to sit in Grandaddy's chair and read the sale paper. This is pretty typical behavior around our house but my mom thought it was perfect for a photo op.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas To ALL!!

So, I'm a little behind on the blogging business....we used this picture for our Christmas card this year. Edmond was a little nervous (notice folded hands and quivering lips) sitting on Santa's lap. This picture was better than the first 2; he was bawling in the first one. The photographer was nice to snap a few shots instead of taking only one. Santa was more than generous on this particular day because we were headed to The Gullic's for a cookie exchange, which hosted Santa Claus. We were running way behind because of all days Edmond took a later nap. As I was pulling up to park I noticed Santa walking to his car/sleigh...I began to panic realizing Edmond wouldn't get to see Santa or get his picture taken with I did what any other desperate/crazy mother would do and I rolled my window down to stall Santa (some may refer to it as "begging"), he told Edmond and I that he had to get back to the North Pole. I was close to tears when I looked in Santa's eyes and saw him peek back at Edmond (which seemed like an eternity) and he told me he would go back and take a picture with Edmond. I didn't want to press my luck or send the wrong message but it took all I had to not jump out of the car and give that jolly ol fella a great big hug! So, as you can see my wish was granted and Edmond got to sit on Santa's lap and have his picture taken; obviously I was more excited about it than anyone!! Thanks Santa!! Edmond must have been good this year! ;)
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